Terms & Conditions

  • An Associate is Expected To Be Truthful And Accurate In Offering Imc Business Opportunities Of Selling Qitmeer Products. He Should Not Make Faise Claims About The Quality, Uses, Opportunities, Earning & Efforts Required To Build The Business.
  • An Associate Can Own Operate One Associatioship Only. As A Single Associatioship.
  • Business Associate Will Keep In Confidence All Trade Secrets And Agrees Not To Enter Or Participate In a Competing
    Business Activity in Any Direct Selling Company.
  • Associate Herby Confirms That He/She has Entered Into This Agreement Contractor. Nothing In This Agreement Shall Establish An Employment Relationship Or Any Other Labour Relationship, Between The Associate And Qitmeer And Nothing Shall Establish The Associate’s Position As Procurer, Broker, Commercial Agent, Contracting Representative Or Other Representative Of Qitmeer When Purchasing And Selling Qitmeer Products, The Associate Shall Act As An Indepedent Vendor, Acting In His/Her Own Name, At His/Her Own Responsibility And For His/Her Own Account.
  • An Associate In One line Of Sponsorship Must Buy All The Products Either Directly From Qitmeer Or From His/Her Sponsor.
    |No Associate Shall Engage In Cross. Group Selling.
  • An Associate Must Not Engage In Any Deceptive Or Unlawful Trade As Define Any Central, State Or Local law Or Regulation.
  • No Associate Can Introduce Produce Or Sell Business Support Material Without The Consent Or Approval From Qitmeer.
  • When There Is A Dissolution of Associatioship, The Incentive will Be Divided Equally Among The Business Associate or As Decided By The Court.
  • This Agreement Is Entered Into On A Personal basis An May not Be Assigned Or Transferred By The Business Associate To A Third Party Without Qitmeer Prior Written Consent.
  • If An Associate Does Not Renew His/Her Qitmeer Business Within The Time Limit Establish, I.e During The Renewal Period Or If Qitmeer Does Not Accept His/Her Renewal Application, His/Her Qitmeer Business Shall Automatically Expire.
  • Qitmeer Pvt. Ltd. At It’s Discretion Can Change It’s Rules, Regulations, policies And Procedures AsAmended By Qitmeer From Time To Time.
  • Qitmeer May In Its Absolute Discretion Immediately Suspend And/or Terminated The Business Associationship by Notice In Writing To The Business Associate in The Event The Qitmeer Has Reasonable Grounds To Believe That the Business Associate HAs Breached Any Provision Of This Agreement, Its Rules, Regulations, Policies Or Procedures As Amended From Time to Time.
  • Qitmeer Shall Not Be Liable For Any Incidental Or Consequential Damages Caused By Its Breach, Cancellation Or Suspension This Agreement, Whether Or Not He Possibility For Such Damages Is Known To Qitmeer.
  • That All Disputes Or Difference Arising Out Of Or In Relation To This Agreement Shall Be Referred To An Arbitrator Appointment, The Director Or Qitmeer Whose Award Shall Be Binding On The parties In The Terms Of The Provision Of The Arbitration Accept.